Livvy Campbell     26 January 2012 23:25 |
You would be so proud of Ryan, on the school council! I wish you were here to see Joe and Caroline juicing and reading the Observer! You would wonder how they all grew up so fast!

Ryan Bovenizer     19 June 2011 21:03 |
For my dad xxxxx

Livvy Campbell     14 June 2011 18:58 |
Still thinking of you and missing you Little John. Still can't believe you have gone away for ever, there was so much still to talk about. Love you xx

Shiobhain Ryan     25 May 2011 22:34 |
Just seeing in your birthday with one of the finest albums EVER ; The Asylum Years. Thanks again for the mentoring, if somewhat forced at times! I need it.

Ryan is picking up the mantle..with films at any rate now he's a firm Empire between Lego mags.

Miss you lots funny man. Love always. Chip x

Miranda Watts     11 August 2010 21:37 |
Can't believe it's been a year. I still find it really hard to accept that John's not around - although of course he's a permanent fixture in my head and my heart.

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