Steve Murray     03 June 2010 14:14 |
Well here I am, sitting in same place as I was last year, still missing you Buddy. No one else's mouthwash makes it x

Miranda Watts     26 May 2010 16:49 |
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Birthday thoughts of John, who was so many things to me - much loved and loving friend, hugely valued assistant, co-conspirator, support in difficult times, part of my history as I was part of his. It's lonely to think that there's no-one left who understands the shorthand and gets all the jokes. Who will ever think of hiding my chocolate in the tea pot now? I miss his presence in the world more than I can adequately express.

Shiobhain Ryan     25 May 2010 23:22 |
Happy Birthday Johnny. Listening to some favourites of yours right now. x

Brian Warren     16 November 2009 20:40 |
It has been three Months. Hard ones for those closest to John, where an impossible void will never be filled. I hope you are all keeping together and finding support when you need it.

I just decided to do a little poem that reminds me of Little John, as he is known to me.

For all those who have been lucky,
To have met Little John and Robin at play,
Dressed up as Dick Turpin types,
Making new friends along Cavandish Way.

Little John always looked like the muscle,
But his tongue was his weapon of choice,
Never one to be stuck for a few funny stories,
My memory will always be of his voice.

His being was to spread a rich happiness,
This was based on music, love and laughter,
No one could spent time with ‘the man’,
And these memories not bring a smile after.

Not ones to rob from the rich,
More generous hearts are difficult to find,
Just a short time to have known our Little John,
Gave one a richness of a different kind.

I hope this poem finds you well Little John, and that all those you touched with your spirit, who went before and after you, are enjoying your company once again. We shall talk again soon.

Nick Owen     30 October 2009 12:17 |
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I stumbled across this site yesterday whilst looking for any mention of Robin, an old friend I lost touch with about 20 years ago. I sat at my desk at work, which coincidentally is just around the corner from Fernbrook Road, feeling numb as I read the kind words from John's friends, Julien, Dave, Wendy, names I had long forgotten.

As I mention above, it was Robin that was my friend and we were pretty close from primary school up until our late teens and I spent alot of time at Cavendish Ave during that period. Unfortunatley we just kind of drifted apart, but John and Robin are the reason for my love of film and music, which has been passed onto my son. I first heard Rock the Casbah as I sat in the back seat of Johns car (the austin I think)as he gave Robin and me a lift somewhere. Don't know where we were going but I do remember John explaining to me who the Clash were in response to my question "what's this song?"

I wasn't sure whether I should post anything but having slept on it and having dug out my copy of Bat out of Hell and playing it in the car on the way to work this morning, I just wanted to say to everyone how terribly sorry I am for your loss. It's clear John was loved very much and will be deeply missed. That is no surprise.

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